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Who we are

Lloyd Management International Limited (LMI) is an independent company owned by Western and Taiwanese nationals. Our offices are located in Taiwan close to the manufacturing centers of Tainan and Kaohsiung in the South and Changhua and Taichung in Central Taiwan.
We have many years experience managing OEM product development and product sourcing in Taiwan and South East China for Western customers. Our services give small independent companies and large international corporations the ability to outsource their manufacturing in South East Asia and take advantage of lower cost manufacturing without compromising on quality, supply-chain management and on-time delivery. This mitigates risk, saves our clients time and money and allows them to focus on their own business development.




About US


Mission Statement

To be the market leader in customer service in Taiwan, delivering the highest standards of service at all times so that customers can maximize their market share and profitability.



The People

Christopher Lloyd is the founder and GM of Lloyd Management International Limited. He has lived in Taiwan for over 10 years and has an in-depth understanding of Taiwanese and Chinese business practices and culture.

  • Native English speaker, fluent in Mandarin Chinese with a deep understanding of manufacturing technologies, quality management systems and logistics networks. Clear and concise communications with customers and suppliers at all times are our strength.
  • 10 years experience running successful development projects in Asia (Taiwan & PRC) for western manufacturers. Increased turnover, customer satisfaction and loyalty were the yardsticks by which this success was measured.
  • 15 years project management in Western & Eastern Europe, North America and South East Asia for major international corporations.









Cultures and Values

Practice integrity and honesty in all that we do
Trust and respect our clients, suppliers and employees alike.
Value and listen to our clients. Understand their needs and strive to meet and exceed them to the best of our abilities.
Work efficiently and effectively and improve continuously.
Safe, results oriented working environment for all our staff and manufacturing partners.

Supply Base

LMI maintains a large and varied contracted supplier base that includes a wide range of specialist manufacturers in Taiwan and China. All LMI suppliers are subject to a supplier evaluation to assess suitability and ongoing audits to assess performance.

Technologies include:
Plastics: Plastic Injection Molding; Plastic Extrusions; Blow Molding; Vacuum Forming.
Metals: Stamping; NC & CNC Tube Bending; Tube Cutting; Horizontal Press; Hot & Cold Forging; Casting - Die Casting, Gravity Casting, Investment Casting; Aluminum & Steel Extrusions.
Secondary Operations: Welding – MIG & TIG; Machining (Lathe, CNC, Thread Tapping); Prototyping; Light Assembly; Re-packaging; Upholstering.
Finishing: Powder Coating; Electrostatic Painting; Polishing, Plating – Chromium, Nickel, Oxide; Anodizing; 'Ready to Paint' Anti-Corrosion Oils.






We believe that to be successful we must limit the negative impact of industry on the environment. We are committed to working with our suppliers to reduce waste, eliminate harmful substances from production processes and ensure workers have safe working environments. We are committed to seek and promote greener materials, products and technologies as well as help our clients verify that products conform to existing international environmental standards (CARB, Greenguard, Reach, etc) as required.

We are passionate about Taiwan and our local community. LMI is committed to work with local government and charities to invest profits back into our community to improve facilities such as schools and public recreation areas and to help the victims of natural disasters.







LMI believes that for Taiwan to continue its success as a world leader in manufacturing and development then investment in innovation and good design is the key. We are partnering with local and international designers and manufacturers to invest in this vision for the benefit of our international clients.








Why Taiwan

Four main factors assist Taiwan in maintaining its competitive advantage in the region. Use of advanced, automated manufacturing equipment and technologies.Direct access to high quality raw materials. A mature, stable and well-educated workforce which understands and appreciates the concept of quality. The backing of a comprehensive network of supporting industries all within a compact geographical area. There are however two main obstacles which remain for Western buyers in Taiwan. Clear, concise, accurate and timely communication with the supply base. Being geographically remote from the supply base. This is where LMI fills the void. We are bi-lingual professionals who live and work close to the supply base in Taiwan. We fully understand the requirements and expectations of our clients and communicate these to our suppliers. Likewise we communicate supplier issues back to our clients in a clear and timely fashion.







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What we do

Asia offers Western manufacturers the opportunity to lower their manufacturing overheads, cut product development costs and reduce the time to market. These advantages help ensure a competitive edge in international markets however they are not without risk. LMI provides customer services that mitigate these risks without compromising on quality expectations, on delivery performance and without the need for high capital expenditure on structure and personnel to manage such programs.








Product sourcing


OEM Product development

Our experience managing OEM product development programs means we understand the manufacturing challenges for any particular design. We use our experience to help guide our customers through the design and quotation stages so that important manufacturing challenges and cost saving possibilities are considered before tools and moulds are developed.
We are able to identify and resolve potential problems even at the design stage in the development cycle making important cost and time savings.
We work with PPAP (production part approval process) to validate the conformity of the product and the capability of the manufacturing processes. This helps ensure that mass produced products consistently meet customer expectations.
Our close proximity to the supply base allows us to monitor progress during the development stages and offer real-time reporting to our clients.
We safeguard IP through stringent supplier contracts. In addition, NDA and Capital Assets Contracts are issued on a case by case basis.



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Supply Chain Management

All LMI suppliers are subject to an audit to determine their supplier potential. This assesses supplier manufacturing capabilities (equipment, capacity, workforce, operation hours), existing quality management systems and certification (e.g. QS, ISO, UKEAS, TS accreditation etc.), social compliance, details about their current customer base, product lines and market share and a historical overview of sales activities and company performance.
We work closely with all our suppliers during the manufacturing process to ensure that deliveries are on time and any changes are communicated to our client, providing an opportunity to resolve delays with minimal impact to the production schedule.
All suppliers are subject to an ongoing evaluation to measure supplier performance and address short-comings. The supplier evaluations measure performance on Quality, Service, Pricing and On-Time Delivery.




Consolidation of Goods

We offer consolidation and re-packaging services for our clients. This allows our clients to consolidate goods from multiple suppliers at a single location where they are then subject to a Pre-Shipment Inspection before being loaded onto containers or released for LCL shipment. This ensures goods are loaded securely and freight size is minimized.



Third Party Inspection and Evaluation Services

We offer a range of inspection and evaluation services. These services are conducted according to international standards or as required by our clients.
Factory Evaluation
Factory Audit
In-Process Inspection
Container Loading Inspection


Our project managers are native English speakers fluent in Mandarin providing efficient communications between key factory personnel and our clients throughout the development and production cycles.

























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